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Time Management, Math: Test Taking Strategies, Grade 4 - Digital Download

Digital Download! These are the digital downloaded versions of our Time Management: Test Taking Strategies for Grade 4 with Math examples.

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Reduce test anxiety and increase student confidence by teaching your students the test taking strategy of managing their time during a test.

These lesson plans will give you practical ways to help give your students the tools they need to build their confidence, motivation, test-taking skills, and knowledge as they take any test. Use these lesson plans to teach time management (with Math examples) to all of your students.

In these plans, you will find ways to share:

  • Why time management (TM) is important                
  • How to use TM on easy test questions                
  • How to reduce possibilities and estimate answers                
  • How to use TM on difficult test questions                
  • How to make a plan before the test                
  • How to not run out of gas during the test


Give your students the tools they need to help reduce their test apprehension and strengthen their confidence in their time management skills and strategies.

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